👨‍💻API Pop Quick Start

Creating your first API Pop

How does EyePop.ai work?

After signing up, you'll be equipped with an AI worker server tailored to streamline your detection tasks. We call that a “Pop”. Whether you're looking to post images, videos, or even connect through live webrtc, EyePop.ai offers the flexibility and efficiency to suit your requirements.

Sign Up

  1. Start the process by heading to https://dashboard.eyepop.ai/

  2. Select Create a Pop

  3. Choose API Pop for testing purposes.

  4. Enter a name, then select the input type of Image Upload - file upload

  5. Select Person (Body Points) & Common Objects.

  6. Setup is completed - you can now test your `endpoint with the provided curl command.

  7. Optionally, run the curl command in your terminal to verify your setup.

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